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Residential Charging Solutions

Synergy Charged Ltd was established with the objective of providing residential charging solutions across the UK.

EV Home Charging

As the phasing out of diesel and petrol cars accelerates, we believe people should have the convenience to be able to charge at home. However the infrastructure is simply not available to majority of home owners and leaseholders to be able to do that.

Bespoke Solutions

Our objective is to tailor bespoke solutions for each site, working with freeholders, leaseholders and managing agents to address many of the challenges that can arise.

Our aim is to provide a solution for the many not the few

To ensure access of chargers to as many leaseholders as possible.

Constrained parking areas

In often constrained parking areas we look at creative ways to generate dedicated shared charging areas

Appropriate equipment

We will deploy the appropriate equipment and load management capabilities for the buildings energy supply, or seek to work with the grid companies to secure supply upgrades.

Fully Funded

We aim to provide a fully funded convenient and competitive charging solution that avoids leaseholders having to resort to public charging infrastructure.

Leading technology

Synergy Charged works with leading technology and installation partners to ensure high reliability of chargers over the long term

EV Charging Solutions